32 Ways To Liven Up Your Day – Part 3/4

WAKE UP! Do you feel like a deflated balloon in the afternoon? “The mid afternoon slump is actually a true physiological event,” says Matthew Edlund, M.D., the director of the Gulf Coast Sleep Institute in Sarasota, Florida. “During this time of day, your core body temperature plateaus, which can bring on sleepiness.” THAT’S WHY MANY OF US AT 4pm GRAB SOMETHING SWEET OR WITH CAFFEINE Here are some tips on how to GIVE ¬†A JOLT TO YOUR ¬†afternoon performance. This is Part 3/4, Turning Afternoon Slump Into Afternoon Bump.

1. If you only remember one thing, remember this. BODY CLOCK BABY! Send your body cues that help re-start your internal clock. Peak performance experts have a word for this, “zeit-geber”, German for “time giver.” Light activity and well timed snacks are both great cues which will help reset your body clock and keep you from crawling OR FALLING under your desk like a sleepy cat OR CHILD .

2. Liven Up Your Senses. SPRAY IT ON ! Use an alertness boosting product to wake up and get alert. Aveeno’s Smart Essentials Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment provides a magical cooling effect when applied under your eyes using the special applicator. If you want to feel like your getting a quick spa treatment, you can spritz on some Citrus Purifying Mist from Jurlique. EVEN EVIAN SPRAY WATER IS GREAT.

3. YOU GOT TO Move It Move It. Research shows a 10-minute walk can increase your energy for up to two hours, according to California State University at Long Beach. The mind-body continuum is dynamically interwoven, and physical activity really does pay off. “Movement requires a lot more alertness than sitting,” conveys Edlund. “You stimulate your brain by asking it to sort through all kinds of visual and sensory cues.” LOOK AT THE TREES DOWN THE BLOCK..RUN AN ERRAND JUST GET SOME AIR!

4. Knock Out Tomorrow’s To Do List Today. CHECKING IT OFF YOUR LIST RELEASES ENDORPHINS! Getting tomorrow’s to-do list out of the way today helps you experience more joy in the present moment. Research has shown that rumination and procrastination activate parts of the pre-frontal brain associated with depression, says Joan Borysenko, author of Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive. If you want to enjoy some quality time with your family or friends this evening, get tomorrow’s burden off your mind and make that to-do list now. Then when you start to worry about what you didn’t finish, you can remind yourself you have a game plan ready to go.

5. Munch Like A Pro. The British probably invented teatime to combat the doldrums, says Victor Sierpina, M.D., a professor of family and integrative medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. But you can pass on the pastries and cream and do better for yourself with a snack high in protein for sustained energy. DR OZ TALKS ABOUT THAT ALL THE TIME! Here are some ideas: instant oatmeal with milk; string cheese; soy cheese; edamame; carrots or pretzels and hummus; a container of cottage cheese or yogurt with fruit preserves; peanuts in the shell, which have the added value they take longer to eat so you will probably eat less.

6. Be Gone Chairman Of The Bored. It’s a cruel joke that you often find yourself in your afternoon meeting at just the time of the day when you’re least alert. The best way to stay awake is to stay engaged. “Curiosity is known to be tremendously energizing,” says Borysenko, “so give your brain something to engage with.” Pretend that you’re listening to the most fascinating thing in the world, even if you’re not, and you will find yourself not only more alert but maybe with the promotion you always wanted because suddenly you are the most dynamic person in the room. You can also drink a glass of ice cold water, which according to researchers at the University Of Chicago sets off pain triggers that wake you up. Yawning also helps, although for social reasons you might want to be discreet about it if you’re in a meeting with your boss. It has been shown that yawning may keep you alert because it can lower brain temperatures which helps promote mental efficiency, says Andrew C. Gallup, a postdoctoral research associate in ecology and evolutionary biology at Princeton University.

One of my favorite ways to wake up is to LISTEN TO MUSIC. SOMETIMES I write a song, which always puts me in the present moment. “This Is The Moment” is a song from our debut album No More Time. Let me know if it GETS YOU EXCITED FOR YOUR NEXT BREAK THROUGH AND HELPS WAKE YOU UP! Until next time. xo Amelia