Angst Girl and New York Family

Are you a parent with angst of a teen with angst? Last month, we announced that the creator of White House Black Market, fashion entrepreneur Rick Sarmiento, would be opening Angst Girl, a new store that removes the ANGST of shopping for hip, cool clothes for individualistic, one-of-a-kind young women in National Harbor, Maryland. And of course, we’re beyond excited that Rick will also be offering our double CD No More Time for sale at the register, so your kids (or you!) can get a little something special for the most special adults in their lives while they get decked out in fun fashions that help them express their unique selves.


Annapolis-based designer Rick Sarmiento has been making an impact on the fashion world since the 1980s, when he founded White House Black Market, a women’s hybrid boutique featuring a variety of playful pieces in black and white. His latest venture for savvy young women on the National Harbor waterfront will be opened conjointly with the new boutique “blinklbanco,” a play on words that combines “blue” and “pink” alongside the Spanish word for “white,” illustrating the store’s offering of vibrantly-colored clothing designed for women over 30. Blinklbanco and Angst Girl will be under one roof, and both will be committed to highly-individualized fashion made exclusively for each shop.


While this particular joint store is the first of its kind, Sarmiento has aspirations to expand to eight additional locations before the end of 2012 and add 10 more in 2013 on the East Coast. Rick is drawn to Maryland because his roots are there, but according to last year’s article in the Washington Business Journal he is also choosing to open his latest venture in this particular waterfront development because he is “impressed with their whole concept.” He added, “I like that they’re aggressively pursuing good retailers and great restaurants, and I think they opened at a difficult time. Now is the right time.”


Rick started White House in 1985 in Baltimore and added Black Market in the mid ‘90s. Since he sold the company almost a decade ago, it has expanded to over 400 stores, showing his knack for retail that keeps its boutique feel. A dad himself, Rick is using his own teen daughters’ feedback to tap into the pulse of today’s teens while encouraging them to have the confidence to express their own style and shape the attitude of Angst Girl:  “It’s a junior concept, partially due to the fact I have two teenage girls. They’re constantly concerned over who’s wearing what, and I just said, ‘Why don’t you stop worrying and you guys set the trend?’” He also plans to use social media to interact directly with his young customers and get their feedback about what they like, giving them the power to determine the types of clothes and products that he’ll offer at the new store.


Angst Girl is opening this week at 169 American Way, National Harbor, MD, 20745! Check out the store display for our special Parents with Angst/Angst double CD package, on sale for $4.99 and including a free, fun headphone cord wrap for kids, so parents and teens can both get something!



In other news, New York Family magazine recently featured a collection of anecdotes about parenting from local dads, including a story from Harold about his daily bicycle trips to school, riding past the 2nd Avenue Subway construction site with our son, and some thoughts on the challenges, joy, patience and hope that are all a part of parenthood. As Harold said, “The only way to truly know your child’s potential is to give them the support they need. Wait. And then see.”


We’re thrilled to have be included in so many great projects in the past couple months and are looking forward to an exciting and fun-filled summer ahead! In honor of the many surprises of parenthood and angst of all varieties, please enjoy a live performance of our song “Four Years Old” below.