FITZY from Philly

Check out “Doug Theme” by FITZY from Philly:


Fitzy writes:

In 2014 I launched a series on my YouTube channel called “Theme Song Tuesday,” or “TST.”  Whenever I’m working with someone else’s content, my biggest priority is making it my own.

Each episode of TST has been a challenge to remain faithful to the original in some ways, while still going way “left field” with other elements.  The structure of the piece, the instrumentation (beatboxing in place of live drums, for example), and the arrangement as a whole are the elements that come together to yield the audio.

A busy tour schedule and close to fifteen months in the studio recording my latest album, Hard Times For Dreamers, left me with no time to keep the series going through all of 2016.

With my new record finally coming out on May 19, I had the opportunity to start my various video side-projects again.

This is a theme from my childhood: “Doug.”  There were other shows on Nickelodeon at the time that my mom didn’t approve of, but she really valued the message in each episode of Doug.

After making my most recent and very serious album it’s a great contrast for me to make some content that is light, far from serious, and nostalgic.

I’ll be releasing new TST episodes on a monthly basis for quite a while again, and I hope that people have as much fun watching them as I have making them.

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