Joy Rose – Founder & President of Mamapalooza

Joy Rose is a modern Media Mom – Founder & President of Mamapalooza, Joy is a rock and roll mama advocating for women, mothers and families with radio, tv and events. Marketing to Moms through a vast network of blogs, mom events and media platforms, like MingleMediaTV and more, Joy believes in the products and services she endorses and is a nationally recognized, award winning producer, writer and activist. A feminist mom with four children, she is the 2009 Susan B. Anthony NOW awards recipient, who works with the MamaExpo and M.O.M. Conference annually in NYC,  International Mothers Network and is the Founding Director of Motherhood Foundation Inc a 501c3 non-profit working to build the Museum Of Motherhood, which made its NYC debut in 2011. She is also the publisher of Mamazina, formally known as Mom Writers Literary Magazine and founder of The Mom Egg, Housewives On Prozac band and the Mom Rock movement. She is an activist for women in the arts and beyond.

We are inspired by Joy and in excited anticipation of this year’s Mamapaloooza festival wanted to share a great interview with her which appeared last year on the Mothers Acting Up web-site.

Q What about being a mother* brings you the most joy? (*mothers or others who exercise protective care over someone smaller)
A The creativity and awe of seeing them become their own people and grow into the world. The circle of love we share … that and cooking for them. Food is love.

Q What 140-character tweet—or ten-word sentence—best describes a mothering skill YOU have that you wish every world leader possessed?
A The planet is our great mother; we owe everything to her. What we put into the ground, air and sea comes back to us as our living home.

Q What would you want to whisper into the ear of every child in the world?
A You R loved. When I know my children are in need, I DO whisper in their ears at night whatever message they most need to hear. I repeat it three times, softly invoking a spell—but the words, You R Loved, never grow old.

Read the full interview

Listen to “You Are Loved”

Hope to see you at Mamapalooza! (We are scheduled to perform at 1pm but there are fun activities all day long.) xo Amelia