Mamapalooza – Sunday, May 22nd New York City

(City of New York Parks & Recreation) Summer on the Hudson @ Riverside Park South presents the 8th Annual Mamapalooza Outdoor Extravaganza. Pre-event Walkathon at 11AM, free. Noon to 5pm: featuring Tot Rock with renowned Mom Bands, Swingset Mamas, Anna Banana Band, Parent’s With Angst, Bilingual Birdies, Moey’s Music Party, Jane Getter, and more, including vendors & crafts, food, sampling, drinks, giveaways and family fare. Riverside Park South – Pier I @ 68th Street and the Hudson River. Bring your good vibes and your pocketbook to shop!


11:00-11:55 Exercise Demo

Noon-12:42 - Anna Banana Band

12.45-1.15 –  Bilingual Birdies

1.18-1:30 –  Carol Lester

1:35 2:25 - Moey’s Music Party

2:30-3:25 - Swingset Mamas

3:30-4:13 - Jane Getter

4:15-5:00 - Parents With Angst